Superannuation Auditors for Financial Planners!


Financial planning involves working with a team of experts from financial planners down to financial auditors who predict potential outcomes and come up with strategies to achieve your objectives. Many financial planners seek measures to have an effective and efficient way to have their clients’ self-managed super funds (SMSF) audited. Financial auditors are as important as finding the right financial planner. Having a good superannuation auditor who upholds professional and ethical standards is great for your SMSF audits. 

What to Ask Your SMSF Auditor

To make sure that you hire a seasoned SMSF auditor, don’t forget to ask these questions:

  1. Are you adept in SMSF auditing? 
  2. Are you registered and approved by ASIC as an SMSF audit firm?
  3. Does your staff undertake intensive training to keep up-to-date with all relevant compliance, regulatory framework, and legislative requirements?
  4. Do you have quick turn around and will my personal details be treated with full secrecy?
  5. What are the expenses of an SMSF audit?
  6. Could you manage audits that are complex?
  7. What is your procedure for content infringements or compliance issues with a fund?

It would be best to have a team that you can trust when it comes to your super funds. They will complete your audit in a timely, confidential and accurate manner.

Auditors for Financial Planners

As a trusted financial planner, ATO laws require you to audit your SMSF funds on an annual basis for your clients. In order to meet these requirements, these audits must be completed by an approved, registered and independent auditor. This is where Super Audits is happy to help.

Super Audits provides number of audit services to financial planners, and licensed companies, and we endlessly provide professional and cost-effective service to our customers.

As a financial planner, it is your responsibility to design your clients’ fiscal envelope and our role is to cater to your auditing needs. 

Our SMSF audits are compliant with laws and are always completed professionally and promptly. In addition to our auditing services, existing clients also receive free technical support in relation to the SIS Act compliance requirements. 

We have geared our services to specialise in superannuation audits specifically for financial planners, guaranteeing that you must always receive the best level of service.

Hire Us For Your SuperannuationAudit

Complete the Get quote form and one of our staff members will respond to you in less than 24 hours, informing you of the cost of our service.

We focus heavily on cost-effectiveness, and basic inspections would typically be less than $300. At the outset of our project, if the total cost is more than what we have estimated, then Super Audits will cover the additional cost. This is unheard of in the business. 

If you’re a financial planner wishing to have your clients’ SMSF audited, contact our pleasant and competent team today. For more details on our services, please do not hesitate to call us at 1300 AUDITOR (1300 283 486).