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The 2019 Australian Financial Review, 100 Top Accounting Firms reveals that more than 50 of the firms surveyed selected finance, tax, and risk consultancy as the fastest growing elements of their sector.

Advisory now holds for almost 29 percent of top firms' revenues, up 2 points higher from the year before, while audit accounts for just 10 percent of revenue on average. Those estimates also exclude the four major companies that did not provide their annual revenue.

#1 – PwC Australia  - Revenue - $2.6B  Revenue growth - 10.6%

PwC is among Australia's biggest accounting agencies in with an international reach. The 8 Australian offices of PwC Australia are based in the metropolitan Greater Western Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Canberra, Gold Coast, Perth, and Newcastle. It has about 5,800 professionals and currently has 734 partners under its name. The firm uses three main principles of always being strong, being brave and being part of it to stay competitive in the accounting world and to stay ahead in today's high-paced society in the market. With a revenue of $2.6 billion and an estimated revenue growth of 10.6%, PwC ranks first in the 2019 survey released by Chartered Accountants ANZ. Through staying connected, listening and conversing, the company seeks to address the challenges faced by the industry.

#2 – Deloitte Australia - Revenue - $2.3B Revenue growth-14.3%

The primary objective of this accounting firm is to make a worthwhile impact and create a lasting influence. The firm keeps the demand in mind and always invests in growth, innovation and qualified personnel as well as growing through investments and partnerships. Deloitte Australia has the highest revenue growth with a striking 14.3% this 2019. With over 883 partners and 12 offices across Australia, Deloitte Australia is sure to provide the service they’ve promised.

#3 - Ernst & Young Australia - Revenue- $1.89B Revenue growth- 5.7%

At Ernst & Young Australia, the agency is committed to supporting a better working environment with increased business confidence and transparency, price stability, talent management, and better engagement. The company announced revenues of $1.48 billion in 2016’s fiscal year, bigger than the $1.28 billion of the prior year, as per the transparency report from EY.

EY's credibility as one of Australia's leading accounting firms is built on the impartial and responsible delivery of top-notch qualified audit services to each customer.

  #4 – KPMG Australia - Revenue- $1.78b Revenue growth- 8.5%

With over 207,050 employees all over the world, KPMG is a global name in the accounting industry. KPMG is a constant name in the big 4 accounting firms in Australia which mainly concentrates on the processes and integrity of a formal audit report. The company has a strong philosophy of emphasizing reliability and integrity that is non-negotiable and imperative. KPMG Australia reported revenues of $1.57 billion in the financial year of 2019 under the leadership of  Gary Wingrove who is the national head of corporate finance of KPMG Australia. The primary focus of the accounting firm is on the performance of the report and the fact and process on how to achieve the right opinion and not just settling for what seemed to be correct.

 5  Findex - Revenue- $367.59m Revenue growth- 1.0%

This firm has established its identity as one of Australasia's leading providers of integrated financial advisory and accounting services. Built on the vision to 'revolutionise wealth and empower ambition', Findex offers consistent and reliable advice across a wide range of financial services, facilitated through its open office approach.

Findex is focused on meeting the needs of businesses and the individuals within them through a team-centered approach in advancing their financial expertise. At Findex, they take pride in an integrated level of service offering, giving you the peace of mind that stems from the idea that your financial and lifestyle goals are surely a priority. 

Rankings explained

Most of the accounting firm rankings are based on a number of factors including revenue figures - from the annual revenue to revenue growth, the total population of the firm which includes the senior management and staff and their office locations across the globe. 

While rankings are very important to most companies, they often don’t speak for themselves. Some companies, especially the Big 4 companies, take a fraction of the largest clients, from the fortune 500 companies and biggest corporations but, this also means that other firms serve on highly important assignments that involve SMEs and even smaller organisations.

Fiscal audits, accounting services, and consultancy services are not just about the Big Four. In addition, when getting professional advice, other variables should be weighed, such as which financial advisory provider is best suited to the client, expenses, what the business wants to achieve and the prospects of long-term relationships. Services offered by smaller companies are often more customized and geared to the specific needs of a business. To conclude, rankings are not inherently a definite quality measure and can not provide a complete overview of what a firm can do.

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