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Super Audits has an extensive client base with clients in every state and territory. We perform several hundred super funds annually.

Where Can You Find Us? 

The great thing about Super Audits is we can do your audit requirements for you wherever you are in Australia. We are currently based in South Australia, but we can do your audits for you even if you’re in Western Australia, Queensland, or Sydney. With Super Audits, you are certain that distance can never be a hindrance to us as a good auditing firms in Australia. Send in your audit requirements and will get back to you in no time. 

Why Choose Us? 

Our expert team of auditors at Super Audits are qualified as approved SMSF auditors pursuant to the Section 35C of the Superannuation Industry Supervisory Act 1993. We have a team of auditors who hold tertiary qualifications from leading Australian universities and are even members of different accounting professional bodies with broad experience in auditing large entities.

We offer a fixed fee to all our clients, this means that, if ever there are any excess expenses after we gave you the quote we offered, we waive all the expenses for you - this is a considerably great offer for you. With a fixed fee and no hidden charges, we also give discounts to volume and bulk audits. 

Our team gives you reasonable and dependable advice before and during the audit process with no extra charge. To be sure of the quality and confidentiality of your audit reports, we do not have any overseas outsourcing partners. All your audits are done in Australia, which means that we cut the process giving at most 5 working days of turnaround.

Super Audits predominantly audits self-managed super funds from accounting firms, which ensures auditing independence. When auditing the work of clients of an accounting firm, Super Audits will only contact the nominated representative of the accounting firm. We do not contact the client of the accountant unless, in special cases, when it is specifically instructed by the accountant.

Contact Us Now

Are you from Perth or Melbourne? From the other side of the country? No matter where you are located in Australia, Super Audits can assist you throughout the audit preparation process.

Want to know more about our services? Feel free to contact us through our phone at 1300 AUDITOR (1300 283 486) during office hours from Monday to Friday. Not a fan of phone calls? No problem! and our friendly staff will be happy to discuss our services. 

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